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APAQ Capacitors

Brightek LED

Vertech PCB

High Power Inductor

High Power Inductor

Composite High Power Inductors Perfect for your ‘Design In’

EE Ferrite type


Toroidal type


Replaced by
our NEW Design

PE Material


Composite Material and new design can achieve better performance.

Toroidal type or EE Ferrite type can be replaced by any of our AI/AB/AE Series depending 
on the individual case and its specification, and its advantages will depend on individual
solution you choice.

AI Series


Toroidal Choke


Man Power Cost



Material Cost

Ferrite core cost is high

Copper Wiring cost is High

Design Performance

Light-Medium PFC choke has outstanding performance

Need to adjust material or increase copper wiring when need better performance


Better Isolation Solution


Advantages of MGT AI/AB/AE Series

Applications for AI/AB/AE Series

§  Low Core Loss

§  Excellent Saturation Behavior

§  Good Insulation Construction

§  Low AC Copper Loss

§  Good Temperature Stability

§  High Flexibility for Custom Design

§  Cost Effective compared to Traditional solution

§  Differential Mode Filter

§  Active PFC Choke

§  Resonant Inductor

§  Output Choke

§  DC/DC Inductors

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AI  series

AI series

AE  series

AE series

AB  series

AB series

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