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GaN Ready Product

Composite High Power Inductors

The series is the result of many months of research and development and will deliver distinct advantages compared to existing products on the market. Our Composite High Power Inductor AI/AB/AE Series is perfect to replace Toroidal and EE Ferrite Types.

Advantages of AI/AB/AE series:

Low Core Loss

Excellent Saturation Behavior

Good Insulation Construction

Low AC Copper Loss

Good Temperature Stability

High Flexibility for Custom Design

Cost effective compared to traditional solution

Key features:

Applications of AI/AB/AE series:

Applying Sendust Powder core with Ferrite Mn-Zn Material as shielded

Innovative construction and winding material to achieve different solutions and performance

Differential Mode Filter

Active PFC Choke

Resonant Inductor

Output Choke

DC/DC Inductors

AI Series

AE Series

AB Series

Litz wire winding with bobbin

Litz wire without bobbin

Flat wire winding

Lower skin effect

Lower skin effect

Reduced RDC

Special bobbin for lower leakage currents

Low core loss

Maximized Ae (magnetical area in m3)to increase performance of power storage,reduce core loss and increase efficiencies

Provided suitable creepage distance if it is used

Medium power density

High power density increase

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