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APAQ Capacitors

Brightek LED

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About Us


 Company & Group Profile


MGT is part of a Taiwan-based VerShine Group with wide range of electronic components manufacturing capabilities under different brands including:

Inductors/Transformers, Surge / ESD protection under MGT brand (

LED & Opto components under Brightek brand (

PCB under Vertech / Lin Horn brands (

To support our global customers we have our overseas headquarters based in Canary Wharf, London. Our distribution network covers all major markets with stock/logistics facilities and technical supports. Please refer to our Distributor/Stockist list for more details.


 Order Processing / Engineer Questions Communications


Our order processing system is as efficient as it can be. Whether it is a sample order or it is a series order, you get the attention of our team right away. All our team members are multi-lingual and well trained.  This ensures that we can communicate effectively and efficiently with both our clients and the production line. Engineering questions are handled both professionally and rapidly. 




Unless otherwise requested by our clients, we offer 100% door delivery (frei haus) service. Our on time delivery records are supported not only by our promise but also by our long time international express airfreight partners.


RFQ Response


We pride ourselves in our efficiency in dealing with all RFQs. Whenever a request for quote (RFQ) is received; our system is triggered into full action. We aim to reply all RFQ within the same day if it comes in by 16:00PM and we responded more than 90% of all RFQs within the guideline.


 Technical Response


When there is a technical issue, our team is trained to deal with it in our efficient manner. Dedicated technical hotline is set up for all regular clients. Many of our clients call our QA team members on their mobile and by first name basis.


 RFQ, Sample Request & Contact


You can order your sample by using our online sample request link below:

Sample Request


RFQ & Contact can be made by sending email to us below:


MGT Brightek - 76 Discovery Dock West, London, E14 9RT, GB