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Manufacturer Group of Technology®

   About MGT

The brand name MGT was established in 2010 in London, UK as a holding company and stands for:

"Manufacturer Group of Technology"  

Due to our high expertise in the electronic market, we give manufacturers an infrastructure for their business with the Brand name "MGT" and help them to sell their products in EMEA under one roof. This enables our manufacturers to enhance on their service quality and reduce administrative time for them. We believe that this is a better way to add value to the supply chain and help to optimize the focus for our manufacturers on their products.

To support our global customers, we have our overseas Headquarters based in London, UK and Taipei, Taiwan. Our distribution network covers all major markets with stock, logistics and technical supports.

In Taipei, we are in the heart of Taiwan's semiconductor/electronic industry and present our portfolio with the best and most innovative products.