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   Vertech Group Profile

MGT is part of the UK-based Vertech Group, which has been serving electronic industry on global scale since 1999. To meet the growing demand of the customers, we have structured our manufacturing group into the following brands:

Vertech (Europe) Limited -- is a dedicated company with brand name "Vertech" for full range of Printed Circuit Board (PCB); established in 1999 with headquarters in London.

Brightek (Europe) Limited -- is a dedicated company with brand name "Brightek" for LED, LCD, Photocoupler and all related Optoelectronic components; establised in 2006 with headquarters in London, UK.

MGT -- is trading under the legal entity of Brightek (Europe) Limited, MGT works with selected leading manufacturers from each field and covers the widest range of electronic product from Semiconductor, Capacitor, Resistor and ever growing portfolio. Our headquarters is located at Canary Wharf, London.