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Manufacturer Group of Technology®

Located at the center of one of the most advanced semiconductor fabrication hubs, MGT is offering the most advanced semiconductor component portfolio with focus on:

▲ GaN FETs, 650V 230mΩ/1Ω typical RDSon, DFN8080/DFN5060 SMD package, 8x8x1.8mm/5x6x0.75mm, 3535 PLCC & TO-220AB.

▲ MGT GaN Wafer has been supporting our partners for downstream applications and packaging.  We have program to co-work with partners on global basis.  Our facilities are based in Taiwan.

▲ High Voltage SiC Solid Relays manufactured in class 1000 clean room facility, AEC-Q101 qualified.  In-house bare die manufactured in Taiwan to ensure the highest performance among all peers.  MGT High Voltage SiC Relays are ready for applications such as EV, BMS and more.

▲ Si MOSFETs, with High, Medium  as well as Low Voltages MOSFETs, MGT has full range of MOSFETs to cater for various applications.

▲ SiC MOSFETs, MGT introduces the latest SiC MOSFETs aiming at High Voltage over 1200V.

▲ Diodes & Rectifiers,  with full range of Diodes  & Rectifiers including Zener Diodes, Bridge Rectifiers, GPP Rectifiers and many more; MGT can fulfill the requirements of all users in different sectors.

▲ TVS with in-house designed IC to cater for the latest high speed 5G applications.

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