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TVS-ARRAY ▲ 4-CH ▲ UT8413A

SKU: UT8413A
Product Details


Reverse Working Voltage: 3.3V

Breakdown Voltage: 5V to 8.5V

Peak Pulse Current (8/20μs): 5A

ESD Rating (Per IEC 61000-4-2 ▲ Contact): ±15kV

ESD Rating (Per IEC 61000-4-2 ▲ Air): ±15kV 

▲ ESD Protection for high-speed data lines

▲ Protects four I/O lines

▲ Ultra-low capacitance (I/O) to GND ▲ 0.45pF

▲ 2.5mm x 1.0mm x 0.5mm ▲ DFN2510-10L package

▲ AEC-Q101 qualified


TVS-ARRAY ▲ 4-CH ▲ UT8413A