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105°C and 125°C Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for compact and efficient designs with an expected long lifetime

Hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors in SMD style (AVMA / AVMC) or in THT style (ARMA / ARMC) offer the best choice of maximum reliability with excellent technical parameters in the smallest possible installation space.

They combine the advantages of conductive polymer with the low ESR and a high ripple current, and those of a liquid electrolyte for the lowest possible leakage current, in one component.

AVMA and ARMA are 105°C/10000 hours endurance specified series while AVMC/ARMC for high temperatures with 125°C for 4000 hours are usable.

With rated voltages from 25V to 80V and a capacitance range starting with 22µF and ends with 470µF they are suitable for DC linking in brushless motor drives, battery and power decoupling, input and output smoothing in DC/DC converters as well as for smoothing in LED power supplies.

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