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Stacked Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

Low Height SMD Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors with Ultra Low ESR and Very High Ripple Current

Our solid electrolytic capacitors in a stacked aluminum layer construction meet the requirements for a low height of 1.9mm with extreme long-term stability over the entire period of use.

The ACAH and ACAS series are 105°C rated products while the ACTH can even be used up to 125°C for a defined endurance. In contrast to multilayer SMD ceramic capacitors (MLCC), the aluminum solid capacitors have no DC bias or piezo-electric effects.

The capacitors are available in a capacitance range from 15µF to 470µF and with a rated voltage between 2.5VDC and 25VDC. At 45°C and 100kHz ripple currents of up to 8.5A are possible with an ESR of 4.5mΩ.

All ACAS, ACAH and ACTH capacitors are designed for backup applications of CPUs, FPGAs, and digital circuits as well as for voltage stabilization in HF applications as well as for decoupling from ICs.

Another area of application is the replacement of large MLCC banks.

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