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New Metal Current Sensing Resistors

Current Shunt Resistors with MnCuSn or FeCrAl resistive element for very precise measurements in the applications of today and tomorrow

In response to the fast-growing market demand for precise current sensing resistors in battery chargers, drives, electric vehicles, renewable energy and switched mode power supplies (SMPS), MGT has expanded and adapted its portfolio accordingly.

With the size 2550 (MCSS-2 and MCSSA-2 series) a wide side terminal type is available, which enables a larger connection to the circuit board and a power of up to 18W at 70°C in a small footprint.

The resistance range offers values from 0.1mΩ to 20mΩ, and depending on the dimensions, continuous output power between 4W to 18W at an application temperature of 70°C are possible. The fully welded constructions have extremely high pulse stabilities.

The MCSS-4 and the MCSSA-4 series are low ohmic types with 4-terminals, to measure a precise voltage drop across the resistive element. The last-mentioned series is also AEC-Q200 qualified.

For a screw assembly in battery management systems as in forklift trucks, electric cars, UPS systems, or mobile cleaning devices the MCSSA-5216 series is available.

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