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New 3.3kV High Voltage SiC Solid State Relays

Silicon Carbide in MOSFET relays raises the bar with load voltages of 3.3kV and wide creepage/clearance distance

So far, optical semiconductor relays have only been used in the low to medium voltage range (40V to 600V) due to the integrated silicon MOSFET. Up to now, higher voltages were not possible in a compact and integrated solution.

Our 52, 53 and 58 series in SiC technology close this gap now. Starting with 1700V up to 3300V in SMD and DIP housing, the high-voltage versions are now available. In addition, the AS53 and the AS58 in the SMD16 package offer a wide creepage and clearance distance of ≥ 8mm between input and output.

All SiC MOSFET relays are specially designed for the requirements of automatic testing equipment (ATE), battery management insulation detection, energy storage systems, EV charging stations and industrial automation.

With the AA58 as well as the AS58F series, AEC-Q101 qualified variants with 1800V load voltage are available, which enable automotive use and underline the high reliability and quality of the SiC technology.

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