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DC link capacitors with 1000hours (THB) 85°C 85%RH test

MGT shows an extremely robust DC Link Film Capacitor Series for Harsh and Humid Environments

The new EPB-U DC link film capacitor are designed for extreme ambient conditions and are all tested according to the temperature humidity bias (THB) test for 1000 hours at 85°C and 85% relative humidity at full rated voltage.

The add-on product range specifically addresses the growing market for high-performance short-term storage in industrial, solar, wind or drive applications.

The capacitance range offers values from 1µF to 60µF, and the series is available with nominal DC voltages in 700VDC, 800VDC, 900VDC and 1100VDC at 85°C. With a specified derating is the product usable up to 105°C. The lead-spacing starts from 27.5mm to 52.5mm and especially for the large dimensions, it is also provided with four pins for an optimal thermal connection.

All capacitors of the EPB-U series are particularly suitable for AC/DC or DC/DC converters, battery chargers, electric drives, renewable energy inverter stages, where the focus is on the quality, service life and long-term stability of the electrical components.

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