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  How To Order MGT Sample

There are multiple ways to order MGT samples, wherever you are located.

1. Under each product there is a Sample Icon     you can click to start a sample order for the item you are viewing.

2. When you are using our Product Search tool page, you can also click the item you choose and trigger a sample order by clicking the Sample Icon. See below example.

3. You can go to product pages and order selected sample under each item.

4. You can request MGT sample by email at sales@mgt.co.com.

Most of the MGT samples are charge free; however, for some high value items the sample might be chargeable and will be advised upon receipt of the sample order by MGT.

Sample charge might be refundable when mass production order is received by MGT.

To speed up the sample delivery, we strongly recommend our customers to provide MGT Team with their courier account number with the sample order.